Cross # 16.3920

dena andDena
Cape Coral, FL

This is the first cross I’ve given away. It’s as thrilling as making or choosing one. It is a petite cross and I thought I might use it for a Christmas ornament. It is green and said GOD horizontally and HOPE vertically.
The day after I got it I realized I would be in the area and could pass it on to a cherished friend that I miss so much.
Charlotte, my Ceili (Irish dance) teacher and dear friend of almost 20 years has Alzheimer’s. I miss her so. We danced, laughed, cried and talked a lot about our families and our great loving and merciful God. The picture is from our last visit. She doesn’t always recognize me, so I gave the cross to her son to give to her or even just place in her home. My HOPE and PRAYER is that even though she might not know me or remember the fun we had dancing that she knows how much GOD loves her because He knows her!