Cross # 16.44


Callahan, FL
I received my cross from my friend Cindy who has became such a good friend and inspiration. We attend a healing mass at St. Catherine’s in Orange Park, FL the first Saturday of every month. Really my story is very long and I am not sure as to where to start. My daughter was diagnosed severely autistic at age 3yrs and 8mo. old. I know the day and what time it was as well. But I was not sitting and do nothing about something nobody could even spell and doctors fell asleep during the classes because nobody had autism. I started with lots of prayers. And with each new treatment I prayed through. I didn’t know anything about the computer either. I learned to type on a manual typewriter. But I did learn to “google” very quickly. I found an awesome doctor in 2003, everything she did was experimental but would do no harm. A good diet with necessary supplements sounds like a good idea for all of us. Two years went by and not a whole lot of change. A friend asked me if I believed in faith healing, I told her all healing comes from faith. I believe God can move mountains. I went to Father Jose Maniyangat who is a healing priest. He was at St. Mary’s in Mccleeny FL and she started improving. The doctor was learning more as well and each time I took her she did better and better. She is recovered and on a protocol that manages the autism symptoms, she drives a car and has a job as a CNA, and she wants to go and become an LPN. With the help of God and her hard work the opportunities are endless. Everything takes more time for her. Now she is rebelling so please pray for her. She moved in with an elderly lady who needs lot of help., and worse yet she left the Catholic church to attends a Baptist church. Now I pray that she is in a safe place and to return to the Catholic church and her vocation. Having Cindy for my friend has lessened the heartbreak,and I truly believe she will return and be more determined to follow her vocation. God bless you and keep you all.