Cross #16.4862

St Petersburg, FL
My world was forever changed in July when I found a lump on my breast. Everyone told me not to worry it was probably nothing. I got a mammogram and they told me I would have to have further testing done.
I will never forget the day the doctor called to tell me it was breast cancer. I can see God’s love for me because he knows why I am going through this even though I don’t. Just when I start to feel bad or have doubts He sends a message of love and hope to me. This was a rough week for me being my first week of chemo and all the side effects. I was starting to think, “is this worth it; what if I go through all this and the cancer comes back .” I was reading this book about cancer and basically the author was trying to say you beat cancer by your attitude. It freaked me out thinking what if my attitude or my doubts caused me not to be cured. God came to me to show me that I am going to be cured. My neighbor knocked on my door and said I have a message for you and she dropped off the cross. On my cross is a breast cancer ribbon. To me that is God telling me child take it to the cross and have the faith of the mustard seed and you will be healed. That is the story of my cross.