Cross #16.5100

Fort Myers, FL
For the first time, I participated in painting the crosses on 8-6-2016.  It was an amazing experience.  Then, on our way back from Tampa on 9-10-2016 I was again blessed to be able to visit the studio where the crosses, etc. are made.  This particular cross just popped out at me and I knew exactly who needed it.  My friend Andrea has been battling cancer with great faith and patience.  The wording on this cross “She believed she could so SHE DID!” depicts her positive battle.  I know that she will be a survivor and enjoy many more blessed days when this little bump in her road is over.  She has been an inspiration to many that have followed her on Facebook – amazing grace and love has been shown.  May God continue to be with you every step of your journey. I look forward to working on crosses again when this ministry comes to McGregor Baptist Church on 12/3/2016. Elizabeth – you do an amazing job, keep up the good work touching lives worldwide!!!  xoxox