Cross #16.7161

Dade City, FL
Several people in my life are struggling with disease.  One self inflicted drug abuse, he is in remission and only by God’s grace will he continue to be; 3 with cancer, 2 of which are terminal.  Thank God for friends.  If it weren’t for them providing me with continued prayer and being there for me, I’m not sure where I’d be.  I just learned last week that surgery is the best option for my niece, the one who has cancer but has not been told it was terminal, and she will have to go to Minnesota.  Today, as I’m feeling sorry for myself (periodically I have self-pity parties)I open this gift of a friendship cross.  I know God is with us always and I am honored to pass this cross on to my terminal friend as he undergoes experimental drug treatments, knowing that this treatment is going to be tested on him to possibly save someone else down the road.