Cross # 23.156

Kennesaw, GA
A friend from my church gave it to me late in 2014 while my husband was deployed overseas. Raising our three year old while he was gone was difficult but manageable. Luckily, he was not in any danger so I didn’t have concerns for his safety. His 89 year old mom was living in independent living in our local area and we visited her and helped her with various things she needed. When she fell and broke her hip in July 2014 she needed more care and a move to assisted living. Soon after, her health deteriorated more and she had several trips to the hospital. Finally, one last emergency trip to the hospital in Feb 2015, when her heart gave out. She went quickly, in peace but sadly, alone with no family at her side. Red Cross flew my husband home right away, ending his scheduled deployment two weeks early. God was with us, giving us courage and wisdom. We pray her soul is in heaven and that God’s Wil has been done.