Cross #34620


Tampa, FL
My cross came from a lady (Ginny S) who makes a difference in my life each and every day. She is who I refer to as my “Earth Angel”.  As to sharing my story, it is very sad, but I have done the best I can in spite of my challenges.
My story will be much too long to share in this venue. Yet, I have been told and asked to write my life story in a book over and over again. I’ve been keeping notes for the last eight years … Chapter 1 is written. Yet, I have truly been waiting to get a message from God that it is tiime to write my story. He has sent me that message this past week and so I am eager and ready to begin.  One goal is to help younger people learn from my life story. My hope is to keep them from making the mistakes I’ve made. Unfortunately as they say, “Life is not a dress rehearsal”. Therefore, since I cannot go back in time I pray to make a difference for those who I might influence to think things through, especially the mind set that brings out the best in all of us. Thank You.