Cross # 8.2199


I met Elizabeth at the gym – we had the same trainer.  We weren’t close
but she invited me to her Birthday party.  I normally would not attend
a party where I didn’t know anyone but for some reason I accepted and
actually attended.  I was surprised and a bit uncomfortable when I
first arrived due to the fact there were so many people (women) and many
were affiliated with the church Elizabeth attended.  She had these
crosses hung throughout her home and we were all to take home the one that
spoke to us.  I let Elizabeth know that I couldn’t take one home –
because I fell out of grace with the church a few years ago and had become
agnostic.  I carried so much anger with me and had let it affect my
family, self being and friends who were still with Church.  I had a
wonderful time discussing with these great women about religion and spirit, and
by the end of the evening – I found a cross that was small, jagged on
the edges and somewhat dull finish and it spoke to me.  I felt like I
was that jagged, dragged through the mud piece of clay.  I walked to my
car and realized that I felt like my anger and criticism of God had
been lifted off my shoulders.  I kept my cross in my gym bag to see it
every day… sometimes just to fill the jagged edges…. until I gave it
away to a friend who needed it as badly as I did… And Elizabeth gave
me another one – this one not so jagged.