Cross # 8.2528




Orwell  Ohio


My Aunt Shirley Lewis gave me this cross when I went through a lumpectomy. Thank goodness it came out okay for me. I gave this cross to my neighbor in March when he had a massive stroke and was told he would not make it. Now it is October and he is home. Not 100% but doing better. About 3 weeks ago my older brother was told he has a rare form of cancer and will be going to the Cleveland Clinic on October 23rd for major reconstruction surgery on his face followed by radiation as chemo does not effect this type of cancer so I am going to pass this on to him this week end. Sorry I have not registered this sooner but it is doing it’s job for many of us. Thank you for making them and for giving us the hope and faith that we need during these troubling times. May god bless you and all of your efforts on this journey you have set out on to help us all.

God Bless