Cross # 8.2720


St Petersburg, FL



After getting off to a rough couple years in high school, I never thought I would really be me again.  I was afraid I had lost the fun, energetic, and loving Hannah everyone knew. Senior year kind-of strolled by but nothing special, I was there but not really.  I avoided friends I had spent of my high school years and wanted nothing to do with soccer.  My mom never gave up on me.  From counseling to special outings, she would do everything to help even pray for me every morning.  It was not until Christmas Break did anyone really see an enormous difference in me.  I was happy.  I helped where I was needed, did small things I never would of done before and i had even calmed down.  I was becoming me again and I could not have been more happier.  I finally had found a place that would let me mature into the young woman I was going to be and I believe that I have.  I could not thank my mom enough for being there for me and keeping me in her prayers every morning.  My cross is hanging above my desk next to a picture of my mom, brother and I making crosses.  I love you mommy and thank you for everything!