Cross # 8.2916


St. Petersburg, FL


What a blessing you are to me and so many others! I loved coming into
your studio and making crosses!!  The last time I came in was May 2008
when the Moms in Touch came in for our last get together of the year.
When I was driving through the gate, I saw a homeless man shuffling along
on the sidewalk. I saw the beautiful cross that you had just given me
sitting on the seat next to me and I LIKED this cross!! But, GOD had
other plans for it. Before I knew it, I had jumped out of my car and
given it to the man, who clutched on to it and whispered a thank you.

I bought the cross I just registered above from the K-Life banquet last
month. Elizabeth donated many crosses to our banquet. We  used  them
as beautiful table decorations and then they were sold at the end of the
evening and the proceeds donated to the K-Life mission trip. I bought
a cross which has  lines running down it. A dear friend said it reminds
her of “by His stripes we are healed” and in this leneten season, what
a fitting cross to have as a reminnder of His awesome LOVE for us.

God bless you, my friend! I can’t wait to see what the LORD has in
store for this ministry next.