Cross # 9.7123

St Petersburg, FL

 I bought this cross to take with me to Houston, TX for some important nasal surgery I was getting done. I clung to it tightly the whole 2 weeks I was there, and the Lord was with me. The surgery worked and it didn’t… I may need to get a minor revision soon to fully breathe well.

Little did I know I would reach for this cross in the future after my failures in a 2 year relationship with the girl I loved led to my subsequent  rejection by her. This happened five months ago, and I am still devastated. God has been rebuilding me since. I am a new man in Jesus, and I ask the Lord for one more chance at the relationship. I can be happy without her. But it was such a good relationship and I believe God brought us together and I know I screwed it up. She’s moved away, and I can only hold onto a mustard seed of faith that we’ll be back together. Jesus tells me that’s all I need. I cling to this cross.