Cross # 9.1159



St Petersburg, FL 


I received this cross as a gift at my church’s annual fair some time ago – St Paul’s Catholic Church. There was someone in one of the many booths with a basket of crosses. She kindly handed me one and asked me to read the card attached to it. I found the idea marvelous and hang my cross in our family room as a sign of protection to my family in the room we spend most of the time together. This past May/2010 my brother in Brazil, who is 40 yrs old, had to undego heart surgery. I went there to be by his side. Before my trip I prayed by this cross for his surgery to go well and for my mother and father (who also had the same surgery at the same age)to remain faithful. My brother had 5 bypasses and his surgery went well however he seems depressed and struggling to accept the life changes. I plan on returning to Brazil to re-visit him very soon and hope I can bring him a cross to keep his faith and hope. Thank you!