Cross # 9.1445

New Smyrna Beach, Fl
I received my cross from a dear friend that I have known for about 2
years. She is a special woman who lives her life to best she can in the
way of the Lord. I was talking to her one Saturday and telling her
about how I was thinking of her recently because I had a lapse in faith
due to events in my life that were really heavy on my mind and caused
me to have a few days of self pity and questioning why I was being
tested so much and feeling that my strength was waning. She was
encouraging to me and although by the time I had talked to her I had
realized that I was totally in self pity and that I have overcome every
other test, as I will this one, her faith and hope and prayers for me
and in me gave me the final boost I needed. She told me the story of
having the cross in her car; that she had received it at a gathering
when meeting someone and had explained to them that she did not have
any of their crosses and was given this one. She said she had just had
it in her car and now has passed it on to me.