Cross # 9.1485

Jenny K

Cochabamba, Bolivia


Elizabeth gave me my cross in Cinque Terre, Italy. We happen to sit next to each other on a rock in the small town of Vernazza. After having the chance to talk with she and Sean, it was clear that God had us cross paths so that He could use them to speak into our lives.


My husband and I are from the States and currently live in Bolivia. We had the opportunity to travel to Europe, but it was clearly a stress on our bank account. (Things don’t cost that much in Bolivia as they do in Europe.) That day at lunch, I cried because my wonderful husband was so stressed about money that we could not even enjoy our very small meal.


Later that day when I saw Elizabeth, I knew she loved Jesus with out even talking to her. I was thrilled when we finally struck up a conversation. Later that night we met for dinner, and the theme of the night was “money is nothing, just give it away.” nThey showed this to us in their actions and it was clear from their testimony. That night changed the rest of our trip. We were not trusting God. The little money we had was too powerful in our lives.


Well that chain has been broken.


Now as my husband picks up the tab at dinner when we are out with friends, he looks at me and says, “I am a changed man since Europe.” (wink)


Thank you.