Cross # 9.2199


Christina Marie

Cullowhee, North Carolina


Before I came to college, I was the Christian that I wanted to be. After coming to college though, I got caught up in the “college life” and somewhat lost my way. I went into my RA’s room one night and was talking to her about how I had recently started trying to straighten back up, and be the person and Christian that I wanted to be, but that it was a struggle. She pulled out a box with these crosses in it, and let me pick one, after telling me the story behind the organization. After telling me that her mom was the one who started this, and how she played a part in it, and how much it meant to both of them, I cried. Then we hugged abd I cried some more…It amazed me that my RA, Hannah, could be so sweet, and mean so much to me. I am now well on my way to becoming the person that I want to be. It didnt happen because of Hannah, or the cross that she gave me, but it’s continuing because of it. Love you Hannah.