Cross # 9.4393


St Pete, FL


 A few years ago, a friend of Elizabeth’s blessed me with one of the APCrosses during a terrible bout of depression and family trouble I was going through.  Then I met Elizabeth and KNEW why they are so special!  Since then, I buy one when the Lord speaks to me.  Today was that day.  You see, prays are needed for a beautiful child of God who is seriously injured and in the hospital.  I am one of his nurses.  I am giving this to his Mom so we can pray for God’s will to be done and for peace in her spirit.  It will be a reminder to her that the Lord not only never leaves us, but carries us when our burdens are great.  I hope she will re-register this cross and share the follow-up of the story of her beautiful son with us.  Until then, please pray for them.  Many thanks and God’s Blessings and Grace be yours always.