Cross # 9.4807


Tampa, Florida


I received this cross today from my sister in Christ, Carol. She gave me this cross because of the journey I am currently taking which is very painful and filled with sorrow. In March, my brother who is 66 years went to the hospital emergency room with leg pain. He was admitted to the hospital and was diagnosed with prostate and lung cancer. In addition, he had a lump in his shoulder. Needless to say that since March, a tumor has been found in his brain. This news has been very difficult for me to digest not knowing what to expect. Each day I lift him in prayer and ask that the Lord heal him in all ways – in ways that I may not comprehend because only God knows what needs to be done.  I was able to visit with my brother last weekend and I assured him of my love and support. Yesterday I received news that he now has pnuemonia and difficlty breathing. Each day is a struggle for me. My prayer is that I will have the strength to endure the  outcome as his condition worsens.