Cross #APC 13.3157

Lake Geneva, WI

I received my beautiful cross from my pastor’s wife, when my mother passed, after a 10 year struggle with Alzheimer’s disease, on 9-14-13. It has brought me comfort over the last two years, knowing Mom is in his loving arms.

My pastor’s wife had received this cross from a friend, when her own mother had passed away a few years earlier.

Now, I am getting ready to pass this beautiful cross back to my pastor, as his mother passed away a week ago

So is the circle of life and love in the cross.

I have the most wonderful paster and church family I could ever want here on earth. Their love, compassion and guidance has made my life immeasurably better than it was before I found them. I thank God, each and every day, for the love he has shown me, forevermore.