Cross #APC12.3186

Provo / Utah

The cross was given to me by a neighbor. I had been having heart issues for a long time, especially the last two years, of which I was probably 80% of the time in the hospital. I have had many procedures and surgerys and survived, surprisingly to the medical staff.. Some of the latest hospitalizations were the placement of a difibulater and pacemaker.. While there, I had a stroke, lungs filled with water, and got pneumonia and was told I was dying and would not make it through the night. I told the doctor that God was not finished with me yet and I was not ready to die. I lived through the night and remained in the hospital while the doctor stablilized my vitals with medications and basically told me to go home and die (though words were kinder). He told my family that if I returned back to the hospital, prepare to die there. By two weeks, I knew I was at the point of dying. One night I was very sick, and we discussed going to the emergency room. Although I was as close to feeling death, my daughter and I were still not ready for me to die.

The next day I had an appointment at another hospital about an hour away. Another doctor from the first hospital who cared for me for a head injury and had nothing to do with my heart, except the injury itself was due to I blanked out from a fall. He had made the first appointment for me while I was still in the hospital. The hospital stay was longer than planned and i missed the appointment. During the two weeks as mentioned, i felf desperate and remembered the missed appointment. So in desparation and fear, I made another appointment. It happened to be the next day after I had almost given up to death. i was hoping to find that maybe there was another miracle procedure, even if in another country and experimental.

A long story and cut short, is that the second hospital admitted me that same day to the appointment. They treated me and after a week they brought my vitals intact. They told me about a procedure wihich after another week of testing may save my life., At that time, if found I would be a candidate, then it would be my choice to do so. While still in the hospital, after much continued testing they told me I was a candidate. It would involve open heart surgery, the placement of an artificial pump in my heart and a life time committment to much taking care of myself. I would need to carry a bag weighing about 6 lbs of batteries, etc. I could no longer be involved any type of water activites, including baths, etc. This would be a 24/7 life time life change, which would not be easy.

There is much more to tell about, but to cut it short. It is called an LVAD. God gave me another chance of life. God is good!