Cross #APP 15.863


Canton, GA

My husband and I have to make regular visits to the Moffit Center in Tampa and the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville for health issues that we each have. After the Moffit Center visit, I asked Dan to stop at he Clay Center to find some green glaze for my Toad House project. Our GPS took us to the right address and in the door we went. When entering we asked where the clay room was and were directed to a wonderful room filled with crosses. We explained the reason for the visit only to discover we were in the Answered Prayers Project room and that the Clay Center was closed on Mondays. We chatted with the ladies and left with two crosses. What wonderful people and organization! God directs our path in life. If we listen, we makes some wonderful discoveries. I intend to give my cross to my dear friend who’s own journey brought me to Florida.