Cross #APP15,4172

Elizabeth PA

2015 has been a very difficult year for our family. In February Aunt Joyce passed away and 52 days later her husband, Uncle Ed passed away. On May 14 my sister-in-law was in an auto accident – had cardiac arrest and lost oxygen to her brain. She is in an acute care facility and her husband is praying one day that she can come home. There is a story in itself about her husband – Wade – who became a volunteer at the facility and now helps and reads and sings to other patients. It was his devotion and love for Shirley that others saw – like the day he was singing Earth Angel to her and one of the workers stood outside the door and cried. An then there’s the bible verses he reads to patients and sings and will just put a battery in a remote for a bed-ridden patient. Then in June my oldest sister – Phyllis went into the hospital after a stroke, but never made it home. My little sister – Trish’s husband 0 Buzz – went into the hospital on August 18th and unexpectedly passed away on August 31. The insurmountable feeling of loss is overwhelming and my precious friend Jill – sends the cross from Tampa to Pittsburgh. And here we are. Now I want to bless others with crosses.