Cross # I do not have one but desire to get one. Please help!


Altamonte Springs, FL


I do not have a cross but have been trying to get one for years.  I live in Orlandio.  My good friend Lisa Dunn’s neice, Elizabeth, has worked with yoour organization.  MY son’s legs was caught in a a bailing machine at a recycle plant and severed just above the ankle.  Later at the hospital this leg was further amputated, about 8 inches. It is a long amazing journey and I want one of these crosses.  I don’t know how to reach anyone from the studio, where the studio is or how do I make one or buy one.  PLEASE HELP me.  I am so eternally grateful to God for sparing my son’s life. He is the second peron in the WORLD to survive a direct impact with a ramming device inside a baler.  He had to call 911 himself becasue his workers who heard his calls for help on the two way radio thought he was kidding.  This is a miraclous story.  I want a cross in thanks to these answered prayer of my son living.  PLEASE HELP me locate one.  It means so much to me.  Thanks you and blessings, Mary Maynard