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I came to Florida to visit a dear cousin, who knew Elizabeth. My cousin, Melissa helped Elizabeth in the shop in making crosses or whatever she needed assistance with. Melissa thought it would be theraputic for me to go along to Elizabeth’s to help one day while I was visiting. I came to Florida to not only visit Melissa but to get away and think about my marital situation. I had been married to a man who had been unfaithful to me more than once, who was verbally abusive and could not handle my depression, which was in large part attributed to my unhappiness with our situation. I know without a doubt God led me to Elizabeth that day.

We began to talk and I was able to talk and release alot of pain and guilt to her. God knew the words to give her that day. I had spent the past five years of my life trapped in depression and an unhappy marriage and was finally able to see that was not God’s plan for my life. Elizabeth opened so many doors of thought for me that day.Elizabeth was one of several loving christian women who came into my life the week I was in Florida who helped me beyond words. I made a decision before returning back to Tenn. that I was going to divorce my husband and it was truly God’s plan for my life. I knew I had done everything I could to save the marriage but it was literally killing me in the process through the depression and multiple health problems.

I will never forget Elizabeth and her testimony to me. She is one of my angels on earth. I am so thankful for her ministry. I am also thankful for my beautiful cousin, Melissa and all she did to help me that week I was with her and to the beautiful people she brought into my life. I love the Lord and because of everything I had been going through, I had drifted. But He never  gave up on me.God is so good! I want my life now to glorify and reflect His perfect love. THANK-YOU ELIZABETH for your commitment to the Lord and His work. I love you!