Cross #: 15.2703
The Villages, FL
I am 71 years old, a follower of Christ since my childhood, a Kindergarten teacher, wife, mother, widowed at 50 years old. I have been writing inspirational poetry since the age of 30. I was given this cross by my massage therapist. I Share this little poem of encouragement with those reading this.
God’s Eyes
God’s eyes run to and fro
Searching throughout the earth.
I know this for a fact!
He sees the ways of men,
Their each and every act.
There is no dark place, no shadow,
where evil doers can hide,
And nothing in all creation
Can be hidden from his sight.

Creator of all that I see,
It’s a wonder to conceive
That the eyes that saw my unformed body
Deep within my mother’s womb
Can’t see my wicked ways
And sentence me to doom.
Instead, the blood of Jesus
Has made me pure and clean,
And in your eyes I stand… pristine.