From One Dog Lover To Another

Cross #: 15.4127
Mobile, AL

In 2008 a small cute little puppy dog (chihuahua) named Prince, aka my little buddy, came into my life not knowing at the time what joy he would bring to my life. He filled a void,he gave comfort,& loved unconditionally, on 11-4-16 he left this world. I have really been devastated, today I received a cross in the mail from a couple that I met on vacation in Fl a few years back they too just lost their beloved pet about 3 mths ago, well today I cried again not only for my beloved Prince but also because someone cared so much for me to send this cross to me,just brought me to my knees and then I began to pray for that sweet couple and their Debo. The Lord works in ways we don’t understand he brings people in our life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. What ever the case may be we met for a reason, only the Lords knows. I’m gonna hold on to this cross that is imperfect like me, he will let me know when it is time for me to pass this on to someone who needs it just like I did and do. How blessed am I,to have had Prince and this couple to think of me!I miss my buddy everyday and today makes 20 days he has crossed over to that rainbow bridge, until we met again my furbaby.I love u so much Lord give me strenth