Who Gave Mom Her Cross?

Cross #: 16.21183
Dunedin, FL

I am Jennifer, my mom is Jan of Dunedin, FL.
She received this cross from someone but never mentioned who and there’s no note. I am trying to find out who it is from.

She was a devout believer! She was at daily mass and took care of everyone she ran across on a regular basis. She fed the hungery, clothed the poor, took in the homeless, raised 8 natural children (mostly on her own) and invited many others into our home until they were stable. She was loved by anyone who knew her.

She was blessed to have so many fantastic spiritual influences in her life. She worked for two churches and served under a dozen different pastors. Her church friends we’re her surrogate family for many years.

She was the mother to 5 boys and 3 girls. She had 21 grand children, 11 great-grands, and one great great-grandchild. She loved cooking almost as much as she loved children!

Many were blessed to know her! God was part of her daily life and was with her as He called her to rest eternally with Him! We are so blessed!