God Cares

Cross #: 17.381
St. Petersburg, FL
After a 12 year abusive relationship designed to con me out of much of my earnings as a successful hotelier through the abuse and manipulation of my bi-polar disorder, I lost everything that I thought was important.  I turned to my brothers, friends, Social Services, police, bankers and lawyers to help rectify the horrific things that had been done to me but there was no one who seemingly cared and my mental condition only made matters worse as I was placed in a psych ward by the police twice as my story, although true, was quite unbelievable despite much documentation.  On January 30th, I found myself homeless and no job prospects in sight.  Although I was well sought out in my career, due to the sustained abuse I had lost the ability to hold a job.  I arrived in Florida (the last place I wanted to go) on February 1st, 2016 in a 1976 Mercedes, my dog and cat, the few of my many beloved possessions that I could carry (it is telling what one takes when they are fleeing their home never to return), a suitcase full of winter clothes and $47 and a handbag full of change.  Friends I had met 20 years earlier were my only hope of not living somewhere under a bridge and they opened up their hearts and home and took wonderful care of me for 10 months, never asking for a thing in return.  I applied for a job as Director of Housekeeping in a wonderful retirement community, was interviewed on my birthday and starting working February 29th!  It has been a journey with God and I believe he allowed my life to take such a horrific turn in order to learn to rely on Him.  In the midst of it all I instinctively knew to turn to Him although he had not been a conscientious part of my life for many years.  We have had a wonderful journey and I now have the relationship that I have heard so many preachers speak of but never thought would happen to me.  I love my job and all the residents and God has given me much favor with them.  I arrived at their community quite broken but they wrapped their loving arms around me and I am a much better person because of them.  The promise is true that God gives you double for your trouble as Joyce Meyer says.  All along I thought it was going to be the money that was taken from me and the lawsuits I was going to win but he gave me something much more valuable than that….a new family and a life with Him at the center.  It did not come in an easy fashion, at times I was kicking and screaming but true to his word he never let go!