God is good

Cross #: 16.8253
Name: Deziree
I am going through a breakup of a 6yr relationship that was very controlling and isolating and left me brokenhearted and feeling empty and numb. I got to such a dark terrible place that I actually wanted to take my own life. I cried out to God that if he could only please help me and guide me, show me that he was still there as I felt so alone. I was forcing myself to get up and go to work and as I got to work I walked in to see one of my regular customers, Rose having breakfast and got this overwhelming urge that I needed to talk to her. I went over and asked her if she knew of any resources for counseling as I knew that she was involved with a local church. She said she did and by the end of the conversation had given me her number to come look at an apartment she just happened to have available. In just one day my life had went from uncertainty and miserable darkness to hope. I moved into the apartment and am blessed everyday in new ways the Lord shows more of himself to me. I know now that he was listening to my prayer and never left me he was just waiting for me to ask him for help. By God’s mercy I feel like I’ve met my guardian angel, for that I will forever be grateful. I know now that this was all his divine plan and now put all my faith and trust in him each day. I got this cross from one of her friends while they were having lunch at my work, I’m blessed to have received it at such a lonely time in this whole process. God is so amazing!