god Was Calling Me

Cross #: 17.457
Saint Petersburg, FL
For almost 4 years I have been without a church home, since a move/decision brought me here. That decision was to become temporary Guardian of my niece while my sister got help with her drug problem at a local 18-month program, my sister never made it to the program and her life choices got worse.
About a month ago, my sister decided to go to Bridgepoint Cehrch, and have not left since. First visit, the song, “You can have it all, Lord” was sung, first time hearing it and I was hooked, I felt as if my heart was singing directly to the Lord. That day I came home, my toxic, unGodly, 6 year-relationship ended hours after my first visit back to church, this is when I was tested if I meant what my heart was singing. I played/sang the song for weeks and through these weeks I prayed, trusted, asked for help to my church and that was when I was introduced to Answered Prayers Project, the Women in Transition program/ Sewing Circle. I have been a part of this amazing God-focused project and am constantly excited and honored to be a part. The joy I get from making pillows and fellowshipping is only a joy God has His hand over. I got this cross on my second day of pillow making because I struggle with Loving Myself, so with God’s help, I am starting this journey of Loving myself as God loves me and hope to give the cross to someone who needs it at the right time and right moment in their lives.