God’s Guidance

Cross #: 16.8400
St. Petersburg,FL
I hope and pray that the Westminster Shores leadership team will further grow together in trust and commitment.  Before you is an enormous opportunity in this coming year led by a new executive director, Lin Ferrol, for this team to further its roots.  You see, we have very tenured staff and staff that have been here less than three years.  Over this next year as we transition from one phase to another there will be quiet, peaceful time to strengthen the bonds of this team.  In the spirit of our mission statement, “We create and preserve excellence…”.  Half of the executive team has an opportunity to help preserve the Westminster Shores heritage, traditions and legacy stories by sharing and helping others experience the past.  Others have an opportunity to create ways to lead this great community and bring people along side you to teach and mentor how things can be different.  All the while growing and learning in faith together on behalf of the staff we lead and residents we serve.