God’s Guidance

Cross #: 17.1528
Palm Harbor, FL
I received this memorable cross as I was touring the “Answered Prayers Project” facility. I was amazed by the creative pieces that were displayed throughout the building and I was honored to identify one that resonated with me. This cross gravitated towards me because in 2017 I experienced some hardship financially and academically in grad school. I was defeated, stretched, and challenged. Despite my obstacles, God still guided me through and blessed me at the end of that difficult journey only because I stayed true and faithful to him and never doubted his plan for me. I knew that if God saw fit for me to go through that obstacle, he was preparing me for something greater. I am happy to say that I have jumped over those obstacles and made it to the other side with a smile on my face. God has favor over my life and he was prepping me for the next level.