God’s Light

Cross #: 16.8756

St Petersburg FL
I am blessed and broken.  I am so loved by so many amazing people.  My son Andy died at age 28, almost 5 years ago, from complications of Cystic Fibrosis.  Light shown from his heart and he touched so many in his short life.  I am healing, and growing again toward the light.  My heart, a Mother’s heart, still is broken, but mending.  Andy’s friends and my family continue to surround me with love and support. I was at a yard sale looking for a treasure and found this in the hearts and message behind them.  I gave one to one of my special friends, and was compelled to keep the other.  Thank you for sending the message of love!  I have plans to make/paint these to spread the message to others.  Pray for my continual healing and that I will continue to spread HIS light to others.