God’s Love

Cross #: 18.987
Carol Ann
Orlando, FL
I can’t imagine how humans thrive and flourish on this earth without a personal relationship with Christ.  I came to know Christ at an early age growing up in a Christian home.  Over the years, I have discovered what it really means to have a RELATIONSHIP with Christ…not just an intellectual understanding, but a deep, heart-anchored certainty of His love for me and how much I can trust Him.  I have learned through several deeply painful periods of my life that there is no certainty about anything in this life except the love of my heavenly Father and that He always wants and offers what is best for me, regardless of how much I ask Him for what I think I want.  The world is so very full of darkness and despair, futility and fear, greed and violence.  As a follower of Christ, my greatest role is to be His light into the world around me.  It is to live in such a way that others ask what enables me to be so calm and certain.  Prayers are answered every day in my life.  I don’t always see how or when God has answered them.  But I do know that if I ask, He will answer.