God’s Power

Cross #: 15.5051
Newport News, VA
For several years my husband has been fighting a battle of health problems that can’t be won medically.  We can only live one day at a time and pray daily.  He hurts all the time, he is mentally and physically exhausted.  He gets up every day with good spirits but some days are harder than others. On bad days he can hardly move.  He has not been able to work.  We have been financially burdened.  We have had to depend on others for help.  God does provide just in the nick of time financially and emotionally.  Sometimes when we think we will not be able to pay our bills something will happen and we just make it.  I have been blessed with a temporary job to help for a little while and I know when the assignment is over God will have another solution. Honestly, I am a wreck.  But I know my battles don’t compare to some others.  I try to be kind everyday and give help to anyone who needs it, even a kind gesture or word can brighten a person’s day.  Something as small as a gift from a friend has made me feel lifted in my spirit.  I depend on the hand of God everyday to get my husband through and I know through him all will be as it should.  God Bless!!