God’s words

Cross #: 16.4541
Indianapolis, IN
Hi, my name is Beverly. This is how I came to be the recipient of this cross, to my understanding. It happened a few days before the home going of my dear sister Brenda. She was more like a mother, friend and strong inspiration in my life…..actually to our entire family. God gave her the gift of love and she spread it abundantly and graciously. We were granted such a spiritual connection that only could come from above. Anyway, back to the days before all of this took place, I was feeling a leading to take a 3 months leave/sabbatical. This time away helped me to discover and recognize something that God had been telling me all along.  It just took some time to be away, be quiet enough to hear Him. When I returned my Sunday School teacher, along with another member, approached me after service to pass this cross to me.  It touched my heart to even be thought of like this. However, my journey with my prayer request is not complete just yet! Updates coming soon….