Heart # 15.230

St. Petersburg, FL

I,too, was at the Women’s Retreat in February at St. Paul’s. It had been one year since I had been hospitalized for one week at St. Anthony’s Hospital for my bipolar disorder, a psychotic episode. I knew that the Lord was with me, yet I was a little nervous about attending the retreat – for my episode had been triggered after the previous year’s women’s retreat. When I looked at the crosses and hearts early Saturday morning, there standing in the corner of a basket was the most beautiful heart – a green one, (my favorite color) with the single word – SURRENDER. I had been surrendering every day of my life to the Lord since I made a CRHP (Christ Renews His Parish) almost ten years previously. When I saw this Heart, I knew then that the Holy Spirit truly was at my side, in my heart, and I had nothing to fear from Satan during this retreat weekend. I was at absolute peace. I have kept my heart, and have it hanging from my nightstand lamp, so I can see it every day, as a reminder of how much God truly loves me, and is always with me, guiding my life and actions.
I was inspired to register my heart today, after attending my first potluck luncheon at the Clay Center, and after reading Barbara’s lovely testimony of faith and love. I was blessed to be at the Mass on April 19th when Ayden was baptized. I know Barbara’s beloved mother, Eleanor, well, and I am privleged to call her and Barbara my friends.
I thank you, Elizabeth, for your inspiring testimony to us at the retreat, and I hope to attend more pot luck luncheons/dinners. and possibly look into volunteering at the Center in the future.
God Bless you and all you do for the Lord!
Yours in Christ,