Marry Me

I love looking at the crosses that people make.  Every one has their own special meaning.  When setting up for the National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis one of the crosses that was on display was a cross that simply said, marry me.  As the teens and chaperones came by many commented about the cross and laughed.  I always said that the next time a man asks me to marry him I would hope it would be that way.  God should always be center in our relationship.   Late yesterday afternoon a few girls were walking by the table and one saw the cross and just started jumping up and down.  She called her friend over and said “THIS IS PERFECT!”   The two girls were laughing and excited at the same time.   I asked them why the cross was perfect.   The two girls  exclaimed, that her father was going to ask her best friends mother to marry  him on Christmas Eve and then they would become sisters.  They split the price of the cross and were going to put it under the tree for their parents.

God is amazing!