About Us

How We Began

In December 2019, as Elizabeth prayed about the future of the Answered Prayers Project (APP), she heard God’s message, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” After much reflection, she realized it was time for a transition – for her and for the Answered Prayers Project

In 2008, after overcoming a season of life-altering challenges and loss in her own life, APP was founded by Elizabeth as a non- profit, clay-based arts ministry sharing God’s love, strength and hope in Christ Jesus to women.

Elizabeth’s belief that lives are strengthened and hearts are mended through sharing our personal stories was the inspiration for APP. Over the years 50,000 one-of-a kind clay crosses, and hearts have been produced and shared in all 50 states and 33 countries. Each piece was hand-made by 3 separate women while sharing fellowship and faith. There are more than 4,000 stories of hope and healing on the website (https://answeredprayersstudios.com/stories/), each connected to an individual clay piece.

With over 700 finished pieces in inventory, and registered stories still coming from around the world she knew there was still work to be done. Answered Prayers Studios, LLC was established. This for profit business will finish selling the clay crosses and hearts, collect your stories and share the message of God’s love and purpose in our lives. She listens for God’s voice – always – as she takes the next step.

The video testimonies below capture just a small sample of the life-changing hope women have found through the Answered Prayers Project.