Missionaries for Jesus

Cross #: 17.966
Piscataway, NJ
Hello! My name is Kim. I am 22 years old, and I am a Catholic Missionary at Rutgers University in New Jersey. In college, I experienced God’s profound love for me. I met missionaries on my campus, Seton Hall University, who genuinely wanted to get to know me and invited me into their life with Christ. I began to realize amidst all my struggles and searching, Jesus was the one I was searching for. In Him, I found peace, joy, and unimaginable freedom! I serve as a missionary because I want others to experience God’s profound love as well, and because it is only in Him, we are satisfied.
Another missionary whom I serve with gave me this cross out of pure love, selflessness, and gratitude. She has become such a beautiful friend of mine who has shared with me her joyous heart this year on mission. I will always remember her and say a prayer for her whenever I look at this cross. Thank you APP!