Mother’s Love

Cross #: 16.7745
Valrico, FL
I have always loved kids. I remember when I was in 5th grade thinking all I wanted to do was get married, have kids and a house with a big yard where they could play. When I was 20 I met a man who wanted those same things. So after a year we married (going on 39 years) and we have two of the greatest kids anyone could ask for. The four of us are very close. My dream for them was to find someone they could spend their lives with. My girls are each others best friends. As it turns out they met and married not only two wonderful young men but they are best friends. Now we are on our next chapter of life, grandparents. I am so very excited to share this wonderful time with my daughter. So the cross I picked is for my granddaughter. It’s a small blue cross that has a little foot print and says, “Welcome Little One”. I am going to hang it next to her crib and when she is old enough I am going to give it to her so that she knows where ever I go I will always be with her.