Passing On God’s Love

Cross #: 9-2184
Tampa, FL
I experienced great loss when my husband of 14 years made a devastating decision 13 years ago.  The price my daughters and I would pay (as well as him landing in prison) was heavy and long lasting.  God’s grace got us through and the helpful prayers of so many incredible friends!! One of which was Elizabeth!  I am so grateful for not only the friendships that grew during that period of time but also for the way in which my faith grew as well.  I am currently passing this cross on to someone with a different story but similar challenges.  A beautiful woman whom I pray will feel God’s love as she walks through this challenging chapter. I pray she will know that God is walking with her and that His blessings will overcome her in such a big way, I know she deserves that!  Thank you Elizabeth for Answered Prayers crosses!