Together Again

Cross #: 13.4134

The Villages, FL
I received this beautiful cross as a Christmas present from my son and daughter-in-law.  At the time I received it, all things in my life were “calm”, so to speak.  But my life had been heartbreaking and challenging for many years prior to receiving the cross.  The most significant events were the loss of my grandparents, parents, two brothers and my sister; leaving me, at the age of 37, the only one left in my immediate family.  Twenty-five years later, I still find myself asking God why was I left behind.  My heart was and still is broken; often struggling on even when I don’t want to. However, God blessed me with three wonderful sons during this time period so the pain has eventually eased.  Although I miss my family terribly and always will, those wonderful memories we shared as a caring and very loving family will always be cherished deeply.  Every time I look at the cross, a smile slowly comes across my face, remembering my family and, of course, our Lord who died on the cross for us.  Because of my faith, I know that one day we will all be together again……….and the “celebration of togetherness again” will begin.  Knowing this gives me hope and joy in my heart.