Perfectly Flawed

Cross #: 18.1892
Seminole,, FL
I recently had the privilege to visit Elizabeth’s studio and make crosses with a group of ladies from my church. I took home 3 crosses with only one particular person in mind to give one away to. When I got home I laid them out on my coffee table and thought I would just think about them and pray who they may belong to. The next day as I shuffled some papers the one in particular I had hoped to give away fell and broke on the stone floor. I was so disappointed however as I was gluing it together I was reminded of how Christ has taken the broken pieces of my life and put me back together. I realize that not only was this cross made for me but the irony is that I had picked it because it was so perfectly and flawlessly made. Funny that now it bears a deep and broken scar across it’s message that reads: “If You Judge People, You Have No Time To Love Them.” The parallel of the brokenness of our lives and the mending of the Cross to me is evidence that shows our purpose, worth and value is far beyond what the eye sees, it’s beauty runs deep and comes from the heart. And there’s something else Elizabeth taught me I won’t soon forget and I hope you remember it too; “There are no ugly crosses.”