Praying For Children

Cross # 14.5724
Rochester, NY
Where do I start?  I have been a Christian since 1982 & committed to the faith since @ 1984.  What an amazing ride this has been!  It is limiting to say; we serve an awesome God! I have SO many testimonies that I don’t know which one to pick but what comes to me now is this one.
My greatest passion is that my two precious girls would come to Christ & commit their lives to following His Word.  My girls were raised in a Lutheran church (w/o a father who was as committed as myself).  What I failed to realize back then that I/We when they approached their teenage years and adult lives, they were far from God.  It broke my heart because this was always my greatest desire for them.  When they professed loving Jesus as children, I was ecstatic and had hoped they would get involved in the youth ministries & continue in their adult lives.  Through the years & the hard days as now a divorced couple, I continually prayed and held onto the promise in Proverbs.  …”Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old; he will not depart from it…”  (Prov. 22:6  KJV)    Now, my daughters are 44 & 41 and I’m seeing many good faith strides in them both as they move closer to their Savior!  Thank you, thank you, Jesus!  If you are experiencing a similar situation, don’t lose heart.  Continue steadfast to trust in God’s Word & promises.  He is faithful to hear our prayers & provide our heart’s desires.
This precious cross was given to me by my 2nd daughter many years ago (about 6 or 7 now) and I put it away till I had a quieter day to follow through here.  Unfortunately, it was “temporarily forgotten about” in the shuffles of life and now semi-retired, I stumbled across it while cleaning out closets & abundance.  Now, I’m wondering when and how she found this ministry?