Recovery and A New Start

Cross #: 12.328
Cincinnati, OH

I was given this cross 8+ years ago when I had to recover from a horrible childhood, loss of several friends from drugs, loss of my wonderful grandparents, another failed relationship – well, I began healing, not burying things or avoiding but really starting to feel like myself for once. I had 8 years in a cute, tiny apartment with a cute job at a call center, a few cute guys sadly, not permanent but just enough so I didn’t forget about love.

Now, I have embarked on a difficult path and moved back in with my mother to help out, clean and restart again but this time going back to the area where I was most hurt and hurt myself the most.

I pray for a husband who is a believer and has a clear vision. I pray that I can be a light for Jesus and maybe one day God will use it for His Glory.

Thank you for this cross.