Reminder To Feed Others

Cross #: 17.5151
Lithia, FL
I attended the 2019 Spirit FM Women’s Conference and received a cross as a gift. When I looked at it, I had a vision of a women in my Welcome retreat group standing at the foot of the cross and it just struck me to give it to her (her son recently survived a serious health issue). When I gave it to her, she showed me a photo she had taken that weekend of her standing at the foot of a giant cross in Michigan!
I selected the piece I am registering (a fish) to add to a handmade holiday tree (that i keep up all year) that my 3 grown girls gave me. They add ornaments to it each year. I like this one because it reminds me to not only feed others in need, but to also plant the (mustard) seed and teach them to fish for themselves, like I think I did for my girls. I also purchased many of the crosses and art pieces for my girls and niece’s – one has registered hers already :) God bless you for this amazing ministry!