Featured Stories


A slab is made.
Crosses are cut.
And the Stories unfold…

From a block of clay.

From a block of clay is a collection of over 100 of our favorite shared stories. From “simple” reasons for passing along a cross to the incredibly emotionally complex, this book is a testimony to the power of the cross and the lives it has touched through this ministry.


Cross #: 12.4249

Fort Wayne, IN

My cross is a simple reminder that I am loved. No matter what happens or how I am feeling, I know this to be true.


Cross #: 11.8027

St. Petersburg, FL

I received this cross when I went to help make them. It was an evening of joy and fellowship in Christ. I picked two crosses when done and was trying to decide which one to purchase when one of the ladies came up to me and said “for a hug you can take both of them.” It was a time when I really needed that hug! This cross will go to a friend and the other to my son who is going to be a new father!


Cross #: 13.359

Clarkesville, GA

My cross came to me as I brought my grief and sorrow to my friend’s funeral. Lori had just passed away from cancer and I had traveled throughout the day to get to her memorial service. As I entered the church, I was offered the opportunity to have a cross. The words of the cross and Lori’s quote from Joshua 9:1 spoke to me as I sat in the pew. “..the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” I am comforted by those words as I think of Lori. She is with God, in peace, without cancer. I have her gift of this cross to hold on to in rememberance of her. I will hold this cross until I meet another woman who has a burden on her heart. Then I will share these words of hope and the cross so she too can have her spirits lifted.


Cross #: 12.5443

Fort Lauderdale, FL

My mother is in Broward Health Medical Center and had received Quadruple bypass surgery. My brother and I and his fiancé were sitting in the CVICU waiting room when her primary attending nurse, Janet, brought a small gift bag to us in the waiting room. In this gift bag, was a beautiful cross with the word “Faith” on it. It was absolutely beautiful. We are here in recovery in this unit waiting for mother to get out of her Sedated state. This Cross will be passed on to her while she recovers. Isaiah 64:8, We are the Clay, You are the Potter, We are all the work of Your hands. Amen


Cross #: 12.3602

Angola, IN

I received this cross when Elizabeth came to Angola Indiana to our WOW (women of worth) meeting. What a wonderful night of Christian women sharing life. Thank you


Cross #: 12.3626

St Petersburg, FL

While at work, a job I’m not real crazy about, a fellow co-worker gave me this cross that says “Hope”. There is Hope for a brighter tomorrow, there is Hope for a better job, there is Hope in life. I have it hanging in my room so that every morning, it’s the first thing I see when I open my eyes. I have HOPE.


Cross #: 12.4406

Mary Ann
Marietta, GA

My sister in law gave me this cross for Christmas. I think it is beautiful and would love to keep it, but I am passing it on to my very dear friend Pam. Pam is fighting Panreatic Cancer and is an inspiration to so many people. My hope is that this cross brings her more strength and courage to continue her journey.


Cross #: 11.9057

Tucson, AZ

I bought this cross in September 2011, at the AACC World Conference in Nashville. I bought it because it had a sweet handprint on it and my husband and I were having a hard time getting pregnant. I bought it as a prayer cross for a baby. In January of 2013, my husband and I adopted an 8 month old baby boy. He was 6 weeks premature, meaning that his biological mother became pregnant with him in September of 2011. I realize that God knew all along who our son was, and He is a bigger blessing than we could have even imagined.


Cross #: 12.4175

Spring Hill, FL

I ordered 5 crosses for friends but a 6th cross was in the package I received. Unfortunately it was broken. I glued it back together and cherish it as it reminds me daily that we are all “broken” and God’s love is the “glue” that heals our brokenness.


Cross #: 12.3253

Astoria, NY

I was given this cross from my parents. They raised my sister and I in church and we have been blessed by God and I pray for us to be blessings to His people.