Sister’s love

Cross #: 16.1935
Stephens City, VA
My cross was given to me by my sister, Donna, after my 28 yr. old daughter, Amanda, was accidently shot and killed on Sept. 30, 2010.   My daughters Amanda and Gina lived in Florida and were trying to help each other get their lives together.  I had moved to Virginia the year before.  Amanda enrolled in the medical assistance program in the local college there and Gina had just had a baby 7 months earlier.  Amanda’s death had a tremendous impact on her sister Gina and forced her to leave those people who were negative impacting her life at that time.  She move up here with my grandchildren and has turned her life around.  She has graduated from the LPN program at our local college and is now pursuing her RN.  I miss Amanda every day and realize her purpose in life was to save her sister and I am very thankful.  If it wasn’t for my faith in the Lord, I would not have survived this event.  God has a plan for everyone.  It may not be what we plan but I know I will see her again soon in heaven.