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These crosses and hearts have been registered in all 50 States and 33 Countries around the world… far!

We encourage you to share your personal story about receiving your clay piece and the love that came with it. It is through the sharing of our stories that true healing begins. By registering your piece we can track the journey it makes and the lives it touches. When you decide to pass your cross or heart along to someone else in need of Christ’s love, have them register it as well.
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Mustard Seed of Faith

Each cross is finished with a mustard seed. “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” – Matthew 17:20

Now its your turn to Register Your Cross and Share Your Story…

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    Shared Stories Database

    Prayers For Healing

    Cross #: 17,4756
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL

    We received this when we received a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.  My husband is fortunate to have surgery. Has had 4 chemo so far. Now another round of 8. We pray every day and feel all the prayers. Our cross is so cherished

    My Hope Is Peace

    Cross #: 12.34

    I lost my husband of 37 years in 2009. We have 3 children and 10 grandchildren. He was a very loving and kind man. A friend to all. I was crushed. My Daughter Kim works for extraordinary woman organization.  She was attending a conference and saw these crosses. She brought it home to me. It was so special to me. I didn’t register it because I couldn’t let it go. I remarried in 2013 to a wonderful man. But still held on to my cross. In December of 2019 my husband’s sister lost her husband of 50 + years. I decided it was time to pass this little cross on to someone that will cherish it as much as I have. My hope is to bring her peace. When she is ready, she may pass it on to someone special to her. Thank you for making these crosses. God Bless your ministry.

    God Is So Good

    Cross #: 144.3634

    God has always been there for me, my whole life. Perfecting me in his love although I have been unworthy. He has never left me nor forsaken me. I am never alone because His Spirit resides within me. He has rescued me from a very sin filled life a broken chain of addiction. I am constantly reminded of His love and my need for Him.

    By The Grace of God

    Cross #: 15.6356
    Norcross, GA

    By the grace of God I survived 2020 surrounded by His unfailing love and support. I achieved my masters, passed the edTPA and am finally teaching in a Catholic school in a job that I love and was called to do. I survived Covid and despite virtual ceremonies watched my three children graduate from college also this year. Despite the gloom that has come this year, His blessings are forever abundant! God is good!

    A Friend’s Love In A Difficult Time

    Cross #: 20.1782
    Kingston, NY

    Since Christmas 2020, I had gone through a whirlwind month.  I was diagnosed with Barrett’s Esophagus, found myself caring for and burying my last living Aunt and the next day after my aunt passed away, I woke up to news that a very close and dear friend had passed away in his sleep, at the age of 47.  There were also a couple other minor challenges during that one-month span.  My friend decided to gift me recently with my cross, knowing just how my year had started off. A sweet reminder that Faith is our strength and God will carry us through whatever storms that come our way.

    Gift From My Physician

    Cross #: 14.6835
    Bradenton, FL

    This was given to me by Ana amazing physician I worked with when I needed strength and reminding that I am strong even when I felt weak. My grandmother had just passed from Alzheimer’s, and it was one of the absolute hardest times in my life. She was and still is one of the biggest influences of my life and my heart was broken. The gift of this reminded me randomly when I would find it how many different people touch our lives for different reasons and help us through. Also reminds me of God’s love for us. One day we will be reunited in the kingdom of heaven, but until then, I know she is with me, watching over me.