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These crosses and hearts have been registered in all 50 States and 33 Countries around the world… far!

We encourage you to share your personal story about receiving your clay piece and the love that came with it. It is through the sharing of our stories that true healing begins. By registering your piece we can track the journey it makes and the lives it touches. When you decide to pass your cross or heart along to someone else in need of Christ’s love, have them register it as well.
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Mustard Seed of Faith

Each cross is finished with a mustard seed. “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” – Matthew 17:20

Now its your turn to Register Your Cross and Share Your Story…

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    Answered Prayers

    Cross #: 11.9042
    Cooper City, FL
    I found this beautiful blue cross in a local goodwill for $4 and I immediately loved it. When I got home, and read what it was, my eyes filled up with tears. It was meant for us!.
    I have been praying for a safe place for my kids and I to live in, for the things God knows we need not want… at this time in our lives, these things we need include peace, safety, support from my family and  a quiet place to live since we were victims of domestic violence recently and had to leave everything behind.
    This is my answered prayer and I am proud to share it!
    Thank you Jesus for giving us just what we needed at your perfect time. I have it hanging right next to my front door as a reminder of how God answered our prayers and how Blessed we are.
    Ily and her kids!

    A Wife’s Love

    Cross #: 19.3149
    Clearwater, FL
    My cross was recently birthday-gifted to me by our oldest son and his wife, Thomas and Alexandria.

    I believe the mustard seed cross is an homage to my late husband, Robert, who died September 10, 2018.

    A vibrant, healthy man all his life, Bob had a complete knee replacement in January that same year. He was so fit and healthy, he rehabbed at home and was walking a mile daily within two weeks. Shortly thereafter he became very ill. Long story short, after several hospitalizations, multiple tests, many specialists studying his case and two months, it was determined that the trauma of the surgery had activated a dormant, very rare blood leukemia caused from the toxic waters at Camp LeJeune Marine Corps Base in Jacksonville, NC. U.S. Marines stationed on base there during 1953-1987 were exposed to highly poisonous toxins from the drinking, bathing and Bay waters. Nearly one million military personnel and their families were exposed to this worst case of poisoning in the United States. Already, nearly 400,000 have died from a variety of illnesses the military has recognized as being caused by these waters. He was rendered 100% totally and permanently disabled by the military and spent his remaining months going through brutal chemotherapy and weekly blood transfusions. He was a fighter until the very end.

    I have faith I will see him in some form someday and I feel that he is with me each day I awaken. I am visited daily by cardinals in my garden and I honor his memory by living the good, positive life he would want for me.

    We were married 52 years and were true soulmates. Bob left me with a legacy of three sons, 13 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, all of whom have surrounded me with much love and attention.

    God Answers Prayers

    Cross #:11.9002
    Indianapolis lN
    We Had a nice new home were asked to help a family.  They didn’t seem to want to leave.  They were supposed to stay 3-6 months however it turned into 18 months. Not that it was all bad and we had plenty of room. We just didn’t clean the same way or raise our children the same way which became a problem. I prayed and asked God to help and he worked it out. They moved into our old house and then to another house… God worked everything out.

    Prays For Daughter

    Cross #: 17.3866
    Seffner, FL
    My girlfriend Mary, gave me this piece for my birthday. My daughter, Hannah just graduated from college and is trying to get into medical school. My prayer for her, if God is willing, is to allow her into a school that will help her achieve her career goals. She is a bright, kind and gentle soul that loves life. I also pray for her future husband, whoever that might be. God know the desires of her heart which is to be a wife and mother one day so I pray for God’s guidance to show Hannah who He has chosen for her.

    Prayers To Be Answered

    Cross #:19.2702
    Seffner FL
    My girlfriend Mary, gave me this piece for my birthday. It’s been one year since my son dropped out of college for the second time, this time ending up in a mental hospital across the country. Since then, he has been seeing a psychiatrist and going to therapy but nothing seems to help. God loves my child more than I do, and I love him more than my own life. My heart breaks for him and there is nothing I know to do except to turn it COMPLETELY over to God. It’s hard for me to not try and take control. God please restore my son’s mental health and allow him to become the man you desire him to be.